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I’ve been interested in the sciences and science fiction since about age seven. As I’ve obviously been around awhile, this means I’ve been reading the stuff for a very long time. Besides SF, my other interests include bowling (I hold about a 195 average), square dancing (A2 level), and chess, where I used to hold a high Class A rating, though it has currently dropped down into the ‘B’s.

I’m an electronics engineer, and work in a small company in California involved with making test equipment to test new integrated circuits as they come off the fabrication line. As part of my job, I’m often required to travel overseas to where these fabrication plants are, including Germany, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Prior to becoming an engineer, I spent twelve years in the Air Force working in computer maintenance. Oddly enough, during that entire twelve years I was never stationed outside of the continental US. But I’d had enough moving around prior to that, as my father worked for a construction company, and the family moved every two or three years to some new locale, including England, Australia, and various places in the US, from Michigan to Tennessee.

On various blog posts, I may indicate a numerical rating for a book I’ve read. What those numbers mean is:

10 = perfect, the greatest book ever written, 9.0+ demands a reread, 7.5-8.5 excellent, has special qualities, 6.5-7.0 Above average, but usually only good for one read, 5.0-6.0 = average, nothing special, but readable, 4.0 – 4.5 = fair, 3.0 – 3.5 = poor, 2.0 – 2.5 = bad, 1.5- = should have been burned instead of published.

I’ve been using this rating scale for some 40 odd years, and it has served me fairly well. I’m also surprisingly consistent in handing these ratings out – I’ve had a few cases where I’ve re-read something many years after the initial read, not remembering that first read, give it a rating, then when I enter it in my database of such things find the earlier rating, and it’s almost invariable that the new rating will be within +/- 1/2 rating point of the older one. Now clearly these are strictly my opinions and very subjective, and someone else’s impression of the same work may be considerably different from mine. This is probably most marked in humorous works – some things hit my funny bone, others don’t, and my sense of humor is often different from others. Things like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, which many people think is one of the funniest SF things ever written, left me cold – and my rating relects that.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Terence Shannon said

    I would very much like you to review my novel. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE INDIANS makes an analogy between Europeans coming to the Americas and aliens coming to earth.

    Aliens make themselves known only to the United States government through a small series of hostile acts. They shoot down a couple of fighter jets and kidnap a commercial airliner packed with passengers. The one communication they offer is a request for an earth base in an isolated canyon in New Mexico. Whether the aliens have come in peace or not is up to the president to decide. The president’s advisers split. The hawks say not to give up any territory without a fight, what the American Indians should have done with Columbus. The doves say let them land, that it’s insane to start a shooting war with a superior power. The doves hope to deal with them, for the secrets of their technologies.

    Terence Shannon (513) 231-0848

  2. hyperpat said

    I’d be willing to review this if you are making a review copy available. Please email me at Patrick711@yahoo.com.

  3. Dear Patrick
    I see that you reviewed the book Orca (Vlad Taltos) before. I have written a book that is similar to that. Would you be willing to let me provide you with a copy of the book in hopes that you would consider reviewing my book as well?

    My name is Charles D. Shell, and the book I want to send is titled Blood Calls. You can find a link to it here (https://www.amazon.com/Blood-Calls-History-Book-ebook/dp/B00COJPCHQ/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8)
    I can provide it to you as whatever digital file you wish. It’s up to you.

    Of course, I understand that you are under no obligation to review my book, and if you do review it, all I ask is that you leave an honest review. I am simply looking for the opportunity to have you consider it.

    Thank you. I look forward to your response.


    Charles D. Shell

  4. Glenda Garcia said

    Review Request for “What’s Your Digital Transformation ROI?”

    Dear Patrick Shepherd,

    I’m writing on behalf of David Fuess, a successful CEO, celebrating his 25th business anniversary this year.

    He finally agreed to share his bulletproof method to closing the sale in the digital world, and since you reviewed Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements: The Search for the Company with a Durable Competitive Advantage, I thought you’d appreciate David’s upcoming release “What’s Your Digital Transformation ROI?” on October 20.

    I’m excited to offer you a free advance review copy.

    Just go to https://authorremake.com/digital_roi/ and you can start reading right now.

    As a launch team member you’ll also receive unique extras David has prepared for you.

    In appreciation,

  5. James said

    Hi there,

    Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask a quick question. Is there room for improvement when it comes to your site?

    Most websites need edits, tweaks, content, logos, SEO, marketing, branding, etc. and that’s why I reached out to you.

    My name is James and I go around the internet and test services and marketplaces to see if they’re legitimate. I then let everyone know about the winners I’ve decided to stick with for my own sites so you don’t have to do the vetting yourself.

    You can see my 4 big winners here: https://webvetted.com

    Go through the sites, find some services you like, reach out to a few freelancers if you want to buy something, and push your website to be better 🙂


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