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The Ratty State of the Film Industry

Posted by hyperpat on July 5, 2007

Once again, I find myself impressed by what Pixar is doing. Their latest, Ratatouille, is a) great fun for everyone in the family b) has excellent graphics c) has some emotional depth and maturity to the story line, which the kids might miss some aspects of, but the adults watching can certainly relate to. Yes, there are places where they went for the slapstick sight gags, but there are just as many satiric bites with some real meat. Perhaps most entrancing, to me anyway, was the portrait of the gourmet food critic, Anton Ego (Peter O’Toole), as it was so absolutely spot on in depicting both the worst and best aspects of that profession, along with some very snide commentary on the ‘herd’ instinct and the inordinate influence some authority figures have.

More and more, I find the most original and entertaining movies to be the animated ones. It seems like Hollywood has forgotten how to be original in its live-action movies; all I seem to see are yet more cops chasing psychotics, ‘comedies’ using 100 year old gag lines suitable only for three year-old mentalities, romances totally predictable from the opening minute of the film, and the continuing series of movies with ‘III’ or even ‘IV’ in their titles (always a bad idea, as the latest Pirates of Caribbean shows). Their few attempts at SF are usually so bad that no self-respecting fan of the genre can force themselves to watch them, and for those works based on written works by SF grand-masters, often the fans should be out there forming a picket line to prevent anyone from seeing the travesty Hollywood has made of the work. About the only thing they’ve done right recently is make some at least watchable versions of various comic-book heroes.

I suppose I can’t have everything. More Pixar, please!

2 Responses to “The Ratty State of the Film Industry”

  1. Peter said

    Yes, we saw this movie last week with the kids. They enjoyed it, and I really fell for the scene when the snooty [[[SPOILER WARNING]] food critic had a flashback to his youth.
    Sci-Fi movies have been rather disappointing. Did you see ‘The Island’ a few years back? That movie had great promise – it was a cross between ‘Logan’s Run’ (which I have heard is being redone) and ‘Blade Runner’. In my opinion it fell on it’s face when all the chase scenes got added.
    What did you think of ‘I, Robot’?

  2. hyperpat said

    Yes, I’ve seen Island. It’s just what I complain about in Hollywood SF, a good idea buried underneath those things that Hollywood thinks are necessary in a movie, when in fact they do nothing to enhance the concept or theme of the story. As far as I, Robot is concerned, see my review here.

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