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$250,000 Shootout Jitters

Posted by hyperpat on May 4, 2007

Well, I’m back from Vegas, and for a change I return somewhat richer than when I left.

We began the bowling shootout bright and early Wednesday morning, and were allowed 20 minutes of warmup practice – but even that generous number wasn’t enough, as the lanes were just what I feared, very heavy oil, though not down quite as far as they could be – appeared to be something like 39 feet. This meant that it was possible to get the ball to ‘break’, though not a large amount, something like 6-7 boards for anything other than the power bowlers. This, while difficult, was not an impossible condition, and I managed to throw a least a couple of balls that got it right, with good results.

But my main enemy was not the lanes, but myself. I found I was incredibly nervous for this thing; my legs were actually trembling in the first match, and my approach timing was off. So for much of the tournament I watched helplessly as the ball would drift high, then light, and then (once or twice) completely off line. Still, I did manage to win the first round, even though I shot only two strikes in that game – but they were at exactly the right time, the first one allowing me to gather up the points available for the 7th and 8th frames, and the second to capture the 10th, giving me enough points to win the round and collect $500.

The second round was played an hour and a half later, and while for this one I wasn’t as nervous, lane conditions had changed quite a bit, with a lot of carry-down oil from the prior matches, and I spent the entire match trying to find the ‘line’. I had two strikes in this one also (compared to my normal 5-6/game), but this time they weren’t in the right places, and I was eliminated.

I don’t know the results of the final round against Pete Weber and Chris Barnes, as my return plane’s departure time would have made it difficult to go and see the match and still make the plane.  Of course, if I’d made the finals, I wouldn’t have had any problem, if necessary booking another flight. But when my wife and I actually got on the plane, after a fifteen minute delay while they had ‘maintenance come and look at the plane’, we found ourselves sitting on the tarmac for what seemed an inordinate amount of time. Then the captain announced that there was something wrong with the parking brakes on the plane, and we would be returning to the terminal. Another hour and half went by while they fixed whatever the problem was, and we finally got on our way, arriving only two and half hours later than expected. But if I known that things would be delayed like this, we could have gone and watched that final round.

Still, a lot of fun, and some cash in hand. Not bad.

3 Responses to “$250,000 Shootout Jitters”

  1. Hey! I was there too and made it to the second round and $500.00 too but in sudden death of second round I lost by a pin. I was the blonde girl with the yellow shirt on down on lane 29 shooting against Mike Patterson. We left on Friday the 4th because we wanted to see the finals. I can tell you in short, the person who won was not a pro. It was the 63 yr old division “A” (180 and under) amature. Everything was two tie all tie until 10th frame and the black gentleman lefty who won division “D” 201 + threw and left the 7 pin, Chris Barnes left the 10 pin and Pete Webber (who happened to be in room 224, next to us) threw the 2- 10 split. The older gentleman (63 yrs old with a 170 avg) threw a strike to win all $150,000. The show will air on ESPN on May 20th at 2:30 pm. Chris Barnes did however, pick up some nice fram prizes (rolex, trips, etc) but only the older gentleman won any major money. I did however see the Division “D” winner won $5500.00 from the previous days cuts. Anymore information needed just email me.
    It was a blast in Vegas and hope to do it again next year!

  2. hyperpat said

    On the lane next to me! Lane 28 for round 2. Sounds great that the amateur won, also. I’d definitely do it again, but I do think they need to drop the weighting of the 10th frame from 60 to about 40 – in a one game match, taking the 10th is just about tantamount to winning the game, and all the work in earlier frames just kind of goes out the window.

  3. Hi!
    I think you are right about the points for the 10th frame, I do think they should be less. I also think that a one game match should be at least two games and each frame should count the same amount of points. This would allow more people to have a chance at winning the match and not just someone who came down from their room in the 8th frame and took the last 3 frames to win! lol
    You will see what I mean when the tournament airs on ESPN. The older gentleman could have stayed in his room until the 10th frame, threw a strike and still took all the money LOL How crazy is that?
    I had a great time anyway, made more money on the slots though. I will definitely go back and possibly in July for the other tournament there at the Orleans.

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