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Vegas on the Cheap

Posted by hyperpat on April 23, 2007

I made the cut for the $250,000 Bowling Shootout! This means I only need to beat another 502 bowlers to win this thing 🙂 I’ll be leaving on the evening of May 1 to go to Vegas (expenses paid!), with the tournament being held on the 2nd and 3rd, in four rounds. The final round, with the two amateur finalists going up against Pete Weber and Chris Barnes, is supposed to be televised on ESPN on May 20th. In preparation for this, I’ve ordered up a new ball, a Total Inferno, and will have it drilled aggressively for the greatest hook potential. Hopefully this new weapon will give me enough power to actually reach those finals, as I expect that lane conditions for this tournament will be extremely tough, with heavy, long oil.

But if nothing else, I get a free vacation to Sin City. Of course, I do have to pay to bring my wife along, but that’s still cheap.


2 Responses to “Vegas on the Cheap”

  1. fencer said

    Hey, congratulations on the bowling… Impressive. I like that description of your new bowling ball: holes “drilled aggressively.” Watch out!


  2. hyperpat said

    I now have a little experience with this new ball. It really hooks. Standing on board 36, I can shoot out towards board 5, the ball arc will reach about board 3, and then it will snap back to the pocket in the last 10 feet, about a 15-16 board hook, without my really trying to put that much spin on it. Of course, this is on ‘normal’ lane conditions, not the PBA patterns I’m expecting in Vegas, but it looks like this ball will have the power I need to compete effectively on such conditions. I rolled a 597 in league last night, and this was with a bad first game of 178. Better, my strike percentage was 55%, and this is the figure that will be important for this tournament, as the format is high pinfall on one ball/frame (no spares to worry about!).

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