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Home, Sweet Home for Dinosaurs

Posted by hyperpat on March 21, 2007

Scientists have now discovered den-digging, burrowing dinosaurs. This news alone is not earth-shattering, and probably is of direct interest only to a very few. However, it adds one more point in what is known about dinosaurs and the environment they lived in, and with each such point that is added, it becomes clearer that during their heyday the dinosaurs occupied just about every possible ecological animal niche. To my mind, at least, this is strong evidence in support of the theory of evolution, as it is possible to track the spread of dinosaurs throughout these ecological niches over the course of time, and also shows just how competition for resources favors those new animal variants that can best take advantage of some particular feature, eventually resulting in completely new species.

This view of the world does not eliminate the possibility of the world/universe being created by some omniscient being, but it does put a severe crimp into any literal interpretation of how the world was created as presented in any of the major religious works.  As evidence keeps piling up for the basic veracity of the theory, it seems to me that the debate on whether to teach things like ‘Intelligent Design’ right alongside evolutionary theory should be ended – while such concepts may have a place in philosophy or literature classes, they do not deserve to be handed up in the same texts that cover biology. These ideas simply do not have the same evidentiary basis as evolution, and placing them on the same footing will do nothing but confuse the students about just what science is and how it is practiced.

2 Responses to “Home, Sweet Home for Dinosaurs”

  1. Terry Whittier said

    Just a note thanking you for the review “Kittens and the Art of the Impossible.” I’ll make a note to re-read it after a suitable cooling-off period.
    One book I’ve found I got much more from, with subsequent re-reading was Zelazny’s “Lord of Light.”

  2. hyperpat said

    Thanks for the kind comments on The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.

    As far as Lord of Light goes, it’s certifiably one of the classics of the field. As my review of it is somewhat buried in the Amazon pile, here’s a direct link to it.

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