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Don’t Pack It In, Stock It Up

Posted by hyperpat on March 8, 2007

There’s a disaster waiting just around the corner. Your corner. No matter where in world you live, there is always some hazard just waiting for you to turn your back to come snarling around and sinking its teeth in your throat. It could be an earthquake. Or a hurricane, tornado, flood, forest fire, blizzard, giant sinkhole, volcano, meteorite, lightning strike, famine, or pandemic. No one is absolutely safe – if not any of these natural hazards, then I’m sure your fellow man will be kind enough to supply the requisite level of destruction via war, revolution, or environmental poisoning.

The question is, what are you doing about it? Do you have emergency supplies stockpiled? Know what your escape route will be if needed? Have insurance? A passport?  A means to get news and communicate when there’s no power? Know where your local emergency center is (assuming there is one – and if not, why not?), who administers it, what services and personnel are dedicated to helping in times of trouble?

If you’re like 90% of Americans, your answers to these questions will show an abysmal level of readiness. As this is one area where what you do and how you prepare really, really counts,  and you can’t depend on government or other organizations to ‘fix’ this for you, then it’s probably time you got cracking.

And if everyone was truly prepared, when that disaster happens, which it will, everyone will have an easier time of recovering,  and be able to go back to enjoying life that much sooner.  Unless, of course, the disaster that does happen is a planet-killer collision with a really large rock, or the sun going nova – in which case no one will have to worry, forever.


One Response to “Don’t Pack It In, Stock It Up”

  1. Peter said

    All good Froods should have their towels ready – ‘Semper Paratus’

    ((couldnt resist the Douglas Adam insert!))

    Your blog today jogged my memory to get my new passport.

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