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Voters Aren’t as Dumb as Some Would Think

Posted by hyperpat on November 8, 2006

Well, it seems as if a goodly number of voters got smart yesterday, and let the current administration know that they are not happy with the current course of American policies. But neither was the vote an overwhelming endorsement of ‘blue’ policies, as can be witnessed by the passage of various propositions banning same-sex marriages. In fact, it looked a lot like a very typical mid-term election during a second presidential term, where historically the ruling party has lost a lot of its seats, and the net effect is a divided government that is unlikely to pass anything of great significance in the ensuing couple of years. This, to me, is not a necessarily bad thing – our Congress has a tendency to pass way too many new laws, many of which can retrospectively be seen as poorly thought out or with significant flaws, that our courts then have to trudge through to correct and/or nullify.

At the same time, there are items on the national plate that need to addressed, and soon. Social Security reform is probably at the top of the list, as every year that passes without some significant change here will make it that much harder to eventually get this program onto sound financial footing without shafting either current benefit recipients or those who won’t retire for another thirty years. National health care is also a pressing need, and here I’m a little afraid that the Democrats may have enough power to push through some form of this, and whatever they do pass would have significant flaws that could severely damage the health care industry – witness the current mess of the prescription care plan that no one can figure out and does not provide the expected financial relief to those who really need it. ‘Homeland Security’ needs an immediate revamp to where the rights of individuals that are supposed to be guaranteed by our laws and Constitution are once more honored.

What will hopefully not be one the agenda are more discussions about stem cell research, flag burning, and marriage definitions. The Republican agenda of forcing a certain moral outlook on everything will have less ability to gain the floor, and perhaps we can get the lawmakers out of our bedrooms and other aspects of our private lives that the government has no business monkeying with.

I’m a little leery of having Ms. Pelosi as third in line to the Presidency. She is too much a strident liberal for my taste, and if, by some chance, she became the President, government policy might become just as skewed towards her views as it currently is towards the opposite extreme. Moderation in government is a good thing.

Locally, it seems California voters aren’t quite as blue as many would think. Prop 87, the tax on oil companies, went down to defeat, as did 86, which would have raised cigarette taxes enormously. Democrats should have flocked to these anti-big-business props. And Gov. Schwarzenegger easily won re-election, a strong endorsement, I think, of neither Republican nor Democrat agendas, but rather the middle-of-road course that the Governor seems to have been following for the last year.

And maybe that’s something that Congress will try and pass – a Constitutional amendment to remove the native-born requirement for qualification for President. After all, Schwarzenegger may be the only really viable candidate the Republicans will have for 2008, and there is some support for this amendment even among the the Democrats.

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