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Liberation Time

Posted by hyperpat on October 31, 2006

Now that I’ve moved into my new house, I’ve spent the last several days moving my library from the cold, cold storage room where it has langushed for almost a year into the new place. This is not a small job. At latest count, my collection consists of:

1200 hardback books, age ranging anywhere from 1908 to hot off the presses, most in excellent shape, and includes a few signed first editions.

1000 paperbacks and trade editions. I think the earliest of these dates to 1959, and it’s not in good shape, but most of the rest are.

1400 science fiction magazines. These range from the December, 1926 (Volume 1, #9) edition of Amazing Stories to the latest Analog. It boasts a complete set of Worlds of Tomorrow, Worlds of If, an almost complete set of Galaxy, and a complete set of the large size Analogs published in the mid sixties in mint condition (with some absolutely gorgeous covers by Kelly Freas and John Schoenherr).

Taking these things out of the boxes and putting them back on the shelves feels like I’ve liberated an unjustly convicted prisoner. Of course, this does put a premium on shelf space in the house, but my wife can’t complain too much, as she is unpacking her book collection at the same time (about another 700 volumes). It’s also doing a pretty good number on my back (70 boxes @ 40+ pounds/box = well over a ton).

This collection will probably end up being willed to my kids. As they have little interest in such things, they’ll probably end up selling it, and it could easily provide them with a fair chunk of change, but it would still sadden me to see those things it’s taken me a lifetime to put together go on the auction block (of course, I won’t be around to see this happen! Unless by then I’ve gotten another life as an uploaded avatar residing in a computer somewhere). In the meantime, I’ll persuse the shelves on a sometime basis, and perhaps pick out one I haven’t read in a long while, and sit down for a re-read.

Books are forever companions.


4 Responses to “Liberation Time”

  1. fencer said

    Hey, I remember those large format Analogs! My dad used to buy them. Reading science fiction in a log cabin in the bush in northern British Columbia. I recall John Campbell was the editor and there were lots of stories about telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and the like. I tried really hard to exercise my teleportation, but I just couldn’t make it work. (I should try again…)


  2. hyperpat said

    There was definitely a period when Analog published a lot of good stories featuring these items. The item I remember most from those large format days, though, was the publication of Dune (in eight parts). Two of the covers were for that story, both marvelous works by Schoenherr – I just wish I had the original oils of those (price tag for those is probably out of sight, however, and whoever owns them now is most unlikely to want to give them up).

  3. Peter said

    Hi Pat, have you reviewed any of Iain M. Bank’s books? I cannot recall reading a review by you (and I flipped through most of your reviews on Amazon). Did I miss something? Thanks and keep up the great reviews!

  4. hyperpat said

    Nope, haven’t written one on anything by Banks. I’ve read a couple of his books, but so far they haven’t produced anythinng but an ‘OK’ response from me. My reviewing has been very sporadic in the last year; many times I’ve just not been able to summon up the required energy even if I do have the time. I’ll probably get around to doing one of his sometime.

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