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Shame on Us

Posted by hyperpat on October 2, 2006

Congress and Bush are at it again with the passage of the terrorist-detainee trial bill. With its stripping of detainees rights to habeas corpus, allowing use of hearsay and coerced (read ‘torture’ ) evidence, Presidential ‘interpretation’ of what is allowing in terms of interrogation techniques by the Geneva Convention, its expanded definition of what constitutes a ‘enemy combatant’ to include those who provide weapons, money and other support to terrorist groups, and its new definition of conspiracy as a ‘war crime’, this entire bill is a disgrace to this nation. It tells the world that not only are we the 800 pound gorilla in the room, but we are going to do exactly what we feel like, and to hell with any standards of human decency or even living up to international treaties we’ve signed in years past. And this is after the supposed Democratic opposition to this bill ‘softened up’ some its provisions.

This bill could very easily snag common, normally law-abiding Americans in its grasp. Ever contributed any money to charitable organizations? Look out, as some of those are listed by the Federal government as providing support for ‘terrorist’ organizations, and your contribution to them would now put you in the same class.

I hope the Supreme Court strikes this thing down in toto. We’ve already lost too much of not only our freedoms but our sense of honor in this never-ending hysterical ‘war on terror’. We need to wake up and realize that the supposed ‘safety’ such bills attempt to provide in fact do no such thing, but instead leave us all the poorer, and if this trend continues pretty soon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will cease to have any value at all.

‘Homeland Security’ my foot. Can you say ‘police state’?

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