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Posted by hyperpat on October 2, 2006

Finally, finally we are moved! Getting all the financials to finish took way longer than expected (our buyers were more than two weeks late in closing), and then when everything did finally close it was a mad scramble to get everything moved. Saturday was our first day where we got to stay in the new house overnight, and although it felt a little weird (having spent the prior fifteen years in the old house, I did get rather set in my ways), we got to sleep in a hurry, as we were both totally exhausted.

Now the only problem is unpacking the umpty-ump zillions of boxes and figuring out ‘did I pack that widget in this box or that one?’. This process is likely to take somewhat longer than the packing one. Maybe by 2007 we will have it all unpacked and arranged to our satisfaction. But we’re happy!

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