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When Herculean Efforts Move Molehills

Posted by hyperpat on August 29, 2006

Ok, the flap has died down a little bit now, but the whole airline security thing has really reached the point where we need to ask ourselves “Is all this really worth it?”. For many years travel by air has been by far the safest way to travel, and for anything more than a 100 miles or so it used to be the fastest, at prices that were at least competitive with other modes of transport. Now, however, we are looking at hour + delays in boarding the plane, a huge amount of money being spent on devices and people to inspect you and your belongings (which may not show up on your ticket price, but will show up on your taxes), and the safety factor being bought by all this effort is what? Will all of this deter a group of real terrorists from figuring out a way to destroy a plane? It might stop the casual lone crazy, but an organized group is much more problematic.

At some point, there needs to be a real risk/benefit analysis done, and people need to start realizing that there is never any guarantee of perfect safety in any endeavor.

One Response to “When Herculean Efforts Move Molehills”

  1. Abi said

    Awesome, man

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