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What’s Your Plan B?

Posted by hyperpat on August 27, 2006

Everyone neeeds a backup plan to handle things when they don’t go quite as originally planned. The FDA has finally admitted that this just might be a good thing to have to handle contingencies associated with unprotected sex. Only trouble is, it only has taken them three years to approve the sale of the ‘Plan B’ pills without a prescription, even though there was no scientific evidence of any harmful effects. And they’re still yakking about the availability of these pills as possibly promoting promiscuous sex, and have still restricted the sale to those over 18. Since when does the FDA have a mandate to control everyone’s morals? On top of the fact that every study done on the availability of various contraceptives has shown just the opposite, that people who use these drugs are more careful in their choice of partners.

One of these years people are going to revolt against the ‘nanny’ government intrusion into private lives. And when that happens, a lot of Congressmen will be out of a job, and just may realize that establishing laws for the common good is one thing, but making laws that prohibit actions that harm no one is not good for the health of this country.


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