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Sell this House!

Posted by hyperpat on August 14, 2006

I haven’t posted in a few days as there has just not been any time. Getting my house ready for sale, dealing with the bank about obtaining a new mortgage for the house I’m buying, getting the house inspections done, and of course just regular work have all combined to leave me no time for fun.

Today’s method of selling a house is a little different, too. Used to be you’d spiff it up a bit, get your broker to list it, maybe hold an open house, and wait (and wait). Now, you not only have to spiff it up a lot, but you have to present it (at additional cost for someone’s expertise in how to present), and get your inspections done prior to putting it on the market, so that prospective buyers can tell just what condition the house is in. The presenting thing also means you end up with a house you can’t live in! No mail laying around, kitchen table carefully laid out with full place settings, hide the dirty clothes hampers, move all your ‘excess’ furniture out to the garage so the place will look bigger, keep your shoes off in the house to protect your freshly steam-cleaned carpet, no unwashed dishes at any time, new decorations and paintings placed by your presenter that you must be careful with (they’re not yours), lawn meticulously mowed, trimmed, and weeded, etc, etc.

Yesterday we finally had the open house. And we’ll keep it on the market for this coming week, after which we fully expect to have at least a couple of offers, and then will take it off the market. No more of this waiting, waiting business. I just hope all the work was worth it.

But in the meantime, with a house so difficult to live in, we’re going to take a little vacation to Vegas and then head over to the State bowling tournament. A little play will certainly help this Jack.


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  1. bill said

    this one post very good. i enjoy very much!

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