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Science and Voters

Posted by hyperpat on August 3, 2006

Seems like the voters in Kansas have at least temporarily come to their senses, at least in terms of their Board of Education. While yes, Darwin’s evolution theory is just that, a theory, and there are some points of it that are still in dispute, overall this theory has stood the test of time and many, many more fossil discoveries, much greater understanding of how life forms are programmed by their DNA, and other experimental and discovered evidence. While Intelligent Design, however prettily it is presented, is no more than a belief, and inherently unprovable. As such, it does not belong in science textbooks. Now if high schools offered course in philosophy or religion, ID probably should have a place within those courses. But being presented in science books does nothing more than confuse students, as having a belief system presented side-by-side with something that has hard evidence and at least the possibility of being proven as fact destroys the whole basis of what science is about.


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