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Searching for the Perfect Place to Live

Posted by hyperpat on July 31, 2006

Went house hunting yesterday and saw five houses in quick succession. At the end of this process, everything is a blur. Happily, we took our video cam with us, and carefully labeled each tape for which house it belonged to, along with a notebook where we recorded salient facts and impressions (just as the House Hunter’s show recommends). After reviewing everything, it quickly became obvious that one house really stood out from the rest, and even though it was listed at the very top end our affordable price range, we placed an offer. Nicely remodeled and upgraded throughout, obviously well-maintained, plenty of room, a block away from the high school our youngest son wants to go to, it has just about everything we want (unless you factor in all those features that should be in houses, which I wrote about earlier at The Technology (or Lack Thereof) of Your House, but which the tech gurus haven’t gotten around to inventing yet). Now all we have to do is sell the current place and hope our offer is accepted (no sure thing in this area, as multiple offers for properties are still quite common, even though it has slowed down a bit).

The question is, how did people do this before the days of video cameras? Just one more way technology has impacted our daily living.

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