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When Worf Becomes an Acceptable Dinner Companion

Posted by hyperpat on July 28, 2006

The Star Trek series has been criticized for being overly dramatic, with simplistic plots, and gadgets that can never (?) exist in the real world. But it had something that is not only possible, but very desirable.

What I’m referring to here is the basic culture of Star Fleet. Here we find women, various minorities, and several varieties of aliens all working as a team, where everyone gets the respect they deserve. Add the unified world government, without all the brush wars that plague our planet now, and it becomes apparent that this show was set in what most people would describe as a utopia.

So how do we get from here to there? I think it must start in the home, in how parents teach their children, that everyone is a human, that every individual deserves to be evaluated on the basis of what they do, not what color of skin they have or what religion they subscribe to. And that needs to be reinforced in the schools – and this area will mean a change in government policy for many countries around the world. Laws prohibiting discrimination are fine, but they will only really work if the great majority of people truly believe in non-discrimination. This doesn’t mean that everything is all sweetness and light. There will always be individuals who can’t function as part of a society, who are greedy, selfish, argumentative, disrespectful, and generally pains in the ass, and there must still be methods in place to control such individuals.

World government could become a reality. The UN is a beginning model, but a future true world government would need to have some real teeth (independent of the armed forces of any country) to enforce policy decisions, along with a method to provide proper funding for it. Getting today’s countries to effectively give up some aspects of their current sovereignty will probably be extremely difficult.

But it’s a nice dream, one that actually has a chance of becoming a reality.


One Response to “When Worf Becomes an Acceptable Dinner Companion”

  1. semi-meritocracy?
    A business plan that outlines clearly how regional politics is nothing compared to global politics, then without telling anyone, suddenly switch the banner from Intl. League of Nations to World Gov’t?

    Notice the things that cannot exist in the technological landscape of Star Trek. non AI computers that have a GUI, need a mouse etc. They impact our socio-econo-cultural landscape even as we speak. A computer never discriminates between people… well between root and non root.

    heck I’m ranting again.

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