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Pacifist Activists

Posted by hyperpat on July 26, 2006

Let’s stop war! Let’s hit the streets, chant our slogans, display our posters, make sure the media catches us! Which war? Does it matter? Nope.

All the chanting and demonstrating in the world won’t stop wars from happening. Wars are a way of making the other guy do what you want them to do, of making a political statement that cannot be ignored. As long as two people, staring at the same facts, can reach totally different opinions and views about their meaning, wars will happen. As long as children are taught that ‘different’ is bad, wars will happen. As long as resources are in short supply, and the supply of greed is not, wars will happen. Hate will always triumph over reason, at least until the human genetic makeup is changed radically to allow conscious control over emotions. Wherever people feel that their lives are threatened by someone else, whether they really are or not, the condition exists that leads to war.

Pollyanna futures are nice things to read about in SF, but it is quite striking that utopian novels are almost never as good, as engaging, or as relevant as dystopian ones. “Peace in our time” is, unfortunately, a dream, a goal that no matter how greatly striven for can’t be reached.

And of course, if we ever do reach that goal, about two weeks later the aliens from Alpha Ceti IV will arrive and wipe us out.

2 Responses to “Pacifist Activists”

  1. Gurgle gurgle….

  2. jess said

    nice blog!


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