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The Technology (or Lack Thereof) of Your House

Posted by hyperpat on July 21, 2006

I’ve been busily getting my house ready for sale for the last several months, and doing so has forcibly brought home to me the fact that most houses are little more than slightly dressed up caves. Neanderthal man wouldn’t have much trouble understanding most of how today’s houses are constructed, even if the materials and and tools used to do so might amaze him.

But really, where are the great advances in living arrangements that should be there? How about a self-cleaning carpet whose color is changeable at the touch of a button, windows that clean themselves via application of an electostatic charge, automatic environmental controls that not only regulate temperature but also humidity separately for each room and continuosly monitor for bio-hazards, while at the same time minimizing your electric bill (and solar panels at affordable prices), pest monitors that let you know when that first termite finds something good to munch on in your home, security that block-head thieves can’t defeat in thirty seconds, a way to permanently mount your Christmas decorations and keep them hidden till the appropriate season, plumbing that will never, ever get clogged, trash receptacles that send their influx directly to the city dump via underground tubing while carefully extracting those items that can be re-cycled, easily movable walls and changeable room configurations, window screens you can’t poke holes in and don’t get dirty, a flexible home robot that can do just about any repetitive task, this list goes on and on.

The scientific and engineering gurus apparently don’t think much about developing things for the home.

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  1. *scratches his head*

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