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Posted by hyperpat on July 20, 2006

Bush’s veto today of the Stem-Cell funding bill is a prime example of why there needs to be an even stronger separation of Church and State. With this action, Bush has basically declared that he doesn’t care what the scientific facts are, or what the majority of Americans have indicated that they want in this area, and has let his personal religious beliefs hold sway. Besides this being a no-good way to run a country, this action will probably have several deleterious effects:

1. Good scientists will decide that the US is not the place they wish to reside and do their research in. This will eventually relegate the US to a second-rate power in terms of science and technology.

2. It will probably delay the probable benefits of stem-cell related medical procedures for everyone. Which means unnecessary deaths or permanent disabilities.

3. It will convince other countries that the current leader of this country is just as blind, arrogant, and determined to have his way as the leader of Iran. Which is not a country I would like to see the US compared to.

4. The fallout from this veto will mean Congress will continue to have this as a debating item on the floor, taking time away from other major issues that it should be discussing.

Now I’m really neither a Republican nor Democrat, though I’m registered as Republican, but am actually close to the Libertarian philosophy. I did vote for Bush in this last election, feeling that he was doing at least a reasonable job in the areas of budget and foreign relations, but his actions during this second term have turned me more and more against him. The problem is, I don’t see anyone else on the political horizon who is any better.


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